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Business VoIP
phone system features

Everything you need to run your small business in one simple and reliable cloud communications solution.

Call Recording

Record calls manually or even automatically, and store them in the cloud for easy access later.

Auto Attendant

Never miss a call with an extended phone menu and advanced call routing rules. Easily make changes on the go with a visual editor.

Unlimited VoIP Calls

Talk as much as you want with unlimited VoIP calls.

Call Forwarding

Going to be away? Set rules to forward your calls to any extension, internal or external phone number, group, or department.

International Phone Numbers

Increase trust with your global and potential customers by using local phone numbers in their countries.

Remote Work

Keep your remote teams connected and integrated to meet changing business demands.

Department call queues

Have a sales or support team? Set rules to greet and route callers to members of a specific team and ensure every call is appropriately managed.

HD Voice Calls

Your team's phone calls will sound twice as clear using VoIP.

Toll-free Numbers

If you have non-local customers who want to call your business, provide them a toll-free number.

Conference Calling

Host online meetings with dedicated HD audio conferencing.

Caller ID

Stand out from the competition with custom caller ID for your business.

Video Conferencing

Increase productivity with high-quality video conferencing, live chat, screen sharing over VoIP.

Call Notifications

Receive urgent notifications when important calls come in right in your email.

Business phone number

Make a business phone number and extension available to each user, so personal numbers remain private.

E911 emergency services

We transmit the address you provided us to the emergency response center. Please see our Emergency Services Policy for more information.

Business SMS and MMS

Send 1:1 or group text messages from your business phone number.

Port existing numbers or choose new ones

Select new local, toll-free, and vanity numbers or port existing numbers into the Voxtell system.

Voicemail transcriptions and email notifications

Listen to voicemails from any device, or when busy, simply stay informed with voicemail messages delivered straight to your email.

Caller ID and name

Easily manage your incoming and outgoing caller IDs and choose to display your business name when making calls.


Integrate your company directory, making it easy to search for coworkers, view their availability, and call them.

Internet fax

Send and receive faxes using your desktop, mobile, or tablet. Attach files from your local or cloud storage solutions, and more.

Call history and log reports

View a complete record of your inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, and faxes, and more.

Call monitoring

Whisper, monitor, barge, or takeover customer calls to train team members and ensure superior customer satisfaction.

Call screening and blocking

Take calls from particular callers, block specific numbers, and send others directly to voicemail.

Heads-up display

View real-time presence of user extensions so delegates such as admin assistants can efficiently manage multiple calls.

Paging and intercom

Make short announcements or have quick conversations with built-in intercom and paging.

Spam notification

Voxtell detects and labels suspected robocalls as such, with the option to block calls at the user or company level as needed.

Greetings and music on hold

Use greetings to enhance your brand and company's image and keep callers entertained and informed with music and messages while they're on hold.

Hot desking

Enable users to log in to shared phones to access their own Voxtell extensions, voicemail and greetings, and other features.

Shared lines

Share one phone number across multiple phones, and answer calls from any phone.

Call transfer

Make a warm or cold/blind live call transfer to the desired number or directly to someone’s voicemail.

Call park

Hold incoming calls in a public or private virtual location to be retrieved by a user using another Voxtell phone.

Call flip

Seamlessly move a call between your desk phone, softphone, or mobile device.

Audio conferencing

Every user in the system can use their unique access codes to host and invite participants to audio-only conference calls.

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