Remote Work

Remote Work

Keep your remote teams connected and integrated to meet changing business demands.
Remote Work

Set up in minutes

No hardware. No headaches. With our easy-to-use online platform, you can create numbers in 50+ more countries and begin onboarding teammates from multiple departments by the end of the day.

Our web, desktop, and mobile apps make it easy to keep your remote teams connected and integrate all your tools while allowing you to adjust your settings to meet changing business demands.

Team Productivity

Our collaborative features allow for calls to be transferred or assigned without interruption so that we can reach solutions more quickly. By setting calls with context, you can help keep conversations focused and reduce the risk of having to repeat questions.

Voxtell’s software automatically saves call activity to your CRM or Helpdesk, making it accessible to everyone on the team.

We believe that success comes from working together and being flexible as individuals.

Help your team stay on the same page by letting each individual define when they are free for calls or allowing them manually turn their status to on or off.

You can update your availability to reflect local customs, seasonal changes, and operational preferences. This way, it is easier to keep everyone aligned, accountable, and ready for success.

You can improve your understanding of any situation by gaining a real-time perspective.

Our analytics and dashboards make monitoring metrics and agent performance easy, whether they work remotely or not. You can track KPIs individually or as a team.

Managers can monitor who is on a call and how long customers have waited.

From here, you also can mentor new team members, provide real-time advice with call whispering, and monitor calls as they come in to make training simpler.

Key features for remote teams

Easy setup - The Voxtell admin dashboard makes it possible to activate integrations with a single click and manage all settings from one centralized location.

CRM - Our product integrates with your CRM and Helpdesk tools to keep all conversations connected.

Routing Calls - You can ensure that calls are always directed to the right teammates by customizing the distribution and ring rules.

Warm Transfer - Before transferring a live call to a teammate, let them speak to each other quickly.

A business phone app for mobile devices - Our users like the Voxtell features on our business phone app, everything you need in a device that fits your pocket.

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