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Business Phone Service for Professional Services

Reliable phone service is essential for many industries, such as architecture, accounting, design, consulting, and others. To give your business the best chance to succeed and keep your clients content, invest in an office phone system that takes advantage of digital technology without compromising on the essential features you require.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Professional Services

What do business professionals require from a business phone service?

Whether working on a team or running a business on your own, you must find the best business phone service that fits your budget.

Voxtell offers more than 35 advanced features for a low monthly rate of $19.95 per user.

Numerous work-related tasks might take you away from your desk, such as meeting with clients or suppliers, assessing event spaces, or working remotely. It is also crucial to have mobile access to your primary business line. Although you might be tempted to use your cell phone for business calls, it is not professional.

The Voxtell Mobile App lets you efficiently answer work phone calls away from your desk.

Business Phone Service for Professional Services
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The office phone features are ideal for professional services

Voxtell Office has over 35 advanced business phone features to help make your business communications more efficient, no matter the size of your business or how many locations you have.

Some examples that could be particularly useful for those in professional services are as follows:

Virtual Receptionist.

The multi-level virtual receptionist not only fosters a professional image for your company but also takes care of incoming calls and makes it easy for callers to get in touch with the correct person.

Mobile access online.

You can take your business line with you if you're often away from the office but still need to be accessible for work. The Voxtell business phone app allows you to use your office number to handle business calls and messages from your smartphone.

Free toll-free and local number.

Give your business a professional appearance by using a free toll-free or local number for your customers.

All-Inclusive pricing.

Voxtell's all-inclusive pricing means no setup or installation fees and no unwanted extras.

Every Voxtell account comes with all the great business features you love at a low monthly price of just $19.95 per user.

Easy DIY setup.

Voxtell Office customers can start making business calls within minutes, thanks to our easy DIY setup. You’ll never have to pay for an expensive or time-consuming office phone installation.

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