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Business Phone Service for Educators

There needs to be an effective and straightforward way for teachers, professors, school administrators, principals, and staff to communicate. Many administrative tasks and planning contribute to teaching students, and educators need to be able to communicate with staff, whether on the go or in the classroom.

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Business Phone Service for Educators

What are the requirements for an office phone system in schools?

Educators are not often – if ever – restricted to their desks.

In a K-12 setting, they often move their students from one classroom to another. They may move from one lecture hall to another across campus in a university setting. Or they may be entirely outside of a building during recess or on a field trip.

While all teachers have personal cell phones that they can use to stay connected, it is unprofessional. It can lead to misunderstandings - especially in large team settings where many educators often find themselves.

Educators need a business phone line to help them stay connected to other teachers and school administrators, even when they are out of the classroom.

Some other features that could be highly beneficial in a school or university setting are tools like extension dialing, mobile access, ring groups, and caller-ID. These features can help to keep the entire school’s communication organized and efficient.

Business Phone Service for Educators
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Some of the more sophisticated phone features available in schools today are:

Some excellent Voxtell Office features are designed specifically for schools and educators. A few are listed below:

Mobile Access.

Educators often need to work away from their desks, classrooms, and schools or universities. Mobile access will be essential for them too.

Making office calls through the main line with a cell phone is a must, and thankfully Voxtell has a great app that can help you stay mobile.

Virtual Receptionist.

The importance of call routing in an educational setting cannot be understated.

With this feature, you can send parents, school system officials, and others to the right person. You can tailor modes for school and after-hours and create personalized messages.

The all-inclusive- price.

Many school administrators want to avoid hidden fees and unexpected expenses for setup and installation, so it's no wonder that educators are often working under a budget.

Each Voxtell account includes a local and toll-free number of your preference (we can port your current number), a virtual fax extension for school documents, and a conference extension line.

Easy Setup.

Our easy setup will have you up and running in minutes, with no additional installation fees – so you can focus on what's important to you as an educator.

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