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Business Phone Service for Franchises

As a manager of a quick-service restaurant, hotel, financial institution, or store, consistent communication is key to adequate staff and supply management and facility upkeep. Flexible, reliable phone service is necessary to run your business smoothly and keep customers content. When running a franchise, there are many things to keep track of, from ordering supplies to hiring staff to managing a budget. Affordable and dependable phone service is crucial for franchise managers who want to run their businesses smoothly.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Franchises

What are the requirements of a business phone system for franchises?

When running a franchise, you must uphold the parent company's brand standards and image while generating growth and revenue for your location.

Close contact with employees at your franchise and the corporate office is pivotal to your success, so you will need a dependable business phone service to support you through every stage.

No matter what your franchise’s specialty is, customer satisfaction is vital.

You will require an adequate business phone system to greet customers, route calls to the appropriate destination, and give general information such as location and operating hours. You must also effectively communicate with other franchises in your company.

A powerful and flexible business phone service that meets your needs is essential to your success as a franchise.

Business Phone Service for Franchises
"We love voxtell it has made it easy to catch all our calls even when people are working from home. They have a great product and are very responsive."
Mike Fish

Advanced phone service features for franchises

Specialized phone service features for franchises

Voxtell is perfect for franchises, offering features that can be scaled across locations and meeting the needs of both management and customers.

Customer Support 24/7.

Voxtell Business provides 24/7 service with a Virtual Receptionist, so you can always be there for your customers.

The multi-level system can route customers to the correct destination while providing helpful information.

You can even build menu options for callers such as press 1 for business hours, press 2 for directions and more.

Stay Connected.

The Voxtell app lets you use your entire business communication system on your smartphone to stay in touch while in or out of your franchise location.

You can call any other party in your franchise or the corporate office by using a call extension dialing from your desk phone or your cell phone.

It is inappropriate to interrupt a call while in transit.

If you need to step away from your franchise location during a conversation, Call Flip can keep you connected by allowing you to instantly switch between your office phone and mobile phone without missing a beat.

Route calls to the right staff member instantly.

Create Ring Groups with Voxtell. You can simultaneously ring certain staff members. Customers with basic questions can ring members at the cash register, and customers with more complex queries can ring the management team.

Backend systems should be integrated.

This business smoothly integrates with ordering, billing, and loyalty program CRM systems. As a result, you can quickly identify each customer and serve them faster than ever.

Enhance customer service.

Recording calls are a business practice to ensure quality assurance, which can be played back for evaluation and training.

You can also develop bespoke call flows and reports for your contact center to assess and enhance performance more accurately.

Toll-free and local numbers are complementary.

Voxtell Business can help you save long-distance charges for calls between franchise locations outside the United States.

Additionally, enjoy free unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico, with low international calling rates to other countries. Voxtell’s all-inclusive pricing means affordable, consistent monthly rates and more significant business value.

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