Caller ID

Caller ID

Stand out from the competition with custom caller ID for your business.
Caller ID

What is a VoIP Caller ID?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to change the caller ID that displays your business name and phone number before you place an outgoing call. It will help you show that you're local to the person you're calling.

You can adjust these settings so that regardless of which number you or your agents are calling from, the displayed caller ID will be your company's primary business phone number.

Customizable caller ID allows customers to see who is calling, making them more likely to answer the phone.

Adavantages of VoIP Caller ID?

Calls can be quickly and easily identified by agents, increasing productivity.

Increase brand awareness for your company by having your name appear when you make outbound calls to customers with caller ID.

Caller ID should be consistent for each business phone line to ensure a professional appearance.

CID: Caller ID-The identification (phone number) of a caller as it is delivered to the person being called.

PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network-The public switched telephone network, or PSTN, is a worldwide network of interconnected public telephone networks that uses voice communication.

This is often an analog network, not a digital network.

PBX: Private Branch Exchange-A PBX is a private telephone network used within buildings or offices. Its setup allows the phones to communicate and connect to an outside line when required.

CNAM: Caller Name Delivery-The name linked with a phone number is called the Caller ID, and some companies maintain lists of these names. Different phone companies regularly update these databases.

VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol-It enables users to make calls over the internet instead of using their local telephone company—VoIP powers many internet phone services.

FCC: Federal Communications Commission- The governmental organization oversees communications services such as landlines and VoIP phones. The governmental organization manages communications services such as landlines and VoIP phones.

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