HD Voice Calls

HD Voice Calls

Your team's phone calls will sound twice as clear using VoIP.
HD Voice Calls

What is the definition of HD voice calls?

HD voice is a superior calling experience made possible by combining wideband audio codecs and optimized receivers that reduce ambient noise. HD voice is only available on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems.

The high-definition audio quality of VoIP phone calls makes for more productive conversations.

HD voice is impossible with traditional phones because calls using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) travel over narrowband codecs.

Advantages of HD voice calling

There are many benefits to HD voice, which helps people hear each other better over the phone, including:

Optimal bandwidth usage - HD voice uses a variety of codecs to upgrade the call to a higher quality. Voxtell will adapt to your network to deliver HD audio to all your phones and mobile devices.

Calls work just as they usually would -There is no extra setup needed for HD voice to work perfectly. Many VoIP phones and apps support HD voice calls.

Minimizing repetition -Repeating yourself on business calls is costly. The quality of the call impacts customer satisfaction, and a lousy audio experience can result in lost sales.

Clear sound-Headsets allow for clear and concise conversations with your next lead or customer. In addition, background noise is eliminated. As a result, you can hear your information or customer in a full range of their voice.

PROS and CONS of HD Voice Calls


Effortless-HD voice is a technology already built into your VoIP phones and devices- so no extra setup is required on your part. It is also managed centrally within your cloud phone system for your convenience.

Communicate Better-We will help you understand the importance of audio quality and clarity for participants if you have ever been on a conference call.

High-quality- Audio calls characterize by a broad range of frequencies and a high bitrate. This results in clear, crisp sound without echoes or other problems.


Only certain types of phone calls are supported.

If HD voice quality is available, will upgrade the call; However, phone calls that come in through the cellular or traditional phone system may not be HD voice quality.

To use VoIP, you must have a broadband internet connection. HD voice may slightly elevate the data usage above standard quality phone calls.

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