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Business Phone Service for Nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit employees have one objective: to do excellent work and support the most important causes. Nonetheless, their work depends on reducing overhead and being efficient with their time. Nonprofits rely heavily on communication, so having an inexpensive and organized office phone system is a top priority for big and small organizations.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Nonprofit organizations

What should be considered when considering a business phone service for their nonprofit organization?

Voxtell Office helps nonprofits save an average of more than $5,000 over two years, which is highly beneficial for organizations that often struggle to maintain their work and outreach on a tight budget.

Nonprofits differ in size as well. For instance, a small charity comprising a team of 2-3 people will have phone needs that contrast with those of a large food bank that employs many people and has a more extensive distribution.

To meet the diverse needs of nonprofits, business phone systems must have various features.

Nonprofits also need a scalable, flexible and reliable office phone system. Any organization can see big changes in a few months - you need a system that can evolve along with you.

The favorable reaction of many organizations to our virtual receptionist feature has led some to say that it is like having an extra employee.

Business Phone Service for Nonprofit organizations
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We offer top-quality office features for nonprofit organizations

The following features are crucial for nonprofits to take into account when searching for a new office phone system:

One of the most important things for a nonprofit is sticking to a budget. This is one of the reasons we offer straightforward pricing.

Voxtell accounts come with a business phone number, virtual fax, a conference extension line, and a toll-free number.

Easy Setup.

Voxtell's easy DIY setup and installation ensure that your workers can be up and running in minutes, keeping pace with the demands of a nonprofit.

Virtual Recepcionist Option.

Organizations have said that having a virtual receptionist is like having another employee in the office. You can customize greetings, create business hours and after-hours settings, record voice messages for frequently asked questions, or route calls to the right person in your organization.

Mobile access.

Nonprofit work often takes place away from a desk, with many workers serving their community or cause. They will still need access to their primary business line and extension.

The Voxtell App makes it easy to stay connected even when you are away from the office.

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