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Business Phone Service for Churches

Managing your church's daily tasks is essential, no matter the size of your congregation. Church leaders not only have to take care of administrative duties, but they also need to coordinate with other church leaders on events and outreach. They also need to keep in touch with their congregation and community. Having a phone line is the best way to do it.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Churches

What should churches be looking for in an office phone system?

Church leaders want to ensure they are available to their community leaders, church members, and visitors above all else. Customizing your phone groups like ring groups will prevent calls from going unnoticed or unanswered.

Pastors and other church advocates will not always be in the office – they are often out serving the community's needs.

This system permits you to take office calls from your smartphone as if you were in the office. Therefore, you will never miss a call intended for your church’s main phone line.

Working with other businesses, community leaders, and your congregation are also essential church activity.

Planning is crucial when catering weddings, baptisms, Sunday services, and other events. It is vital to greet incoming calls and route them to the right person at your church.

Our virtual receptionist feature is popular among organizations as calls can be routed accurately through the main office.

Business Phone Service for Churches
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Advanced office phone features for churches

Mobile Access.

Most church leaders and pastors work outside the church office, at charity events, and meet with business and community leaders.

Voxtell allows you to have office calls forwarded to your mobile phone while still utilizing your church’s main office number or have calls ring on several devices.

All-Inclusive pricing.

Voxtell does not charge additional fees for setup, installation, or your office phone line. Each account comes with a business phone number, a toll-free number, a virtual fax machine, and a conference extension line. Voxtell's office phone system is competitively priced and offers many advanced features you love.

Virtual Receptionist.

The virtual receptionist feature is often likened to having another employee in the office by small businesses.

You can generate modes for business and after hours, compose custom messages, and direct callers to the relevant person at your church’s organization.

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