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Business Phone Service for Retail Stores

It is essential to have a functional and efficient phone system for your business, whether you are selling products or services. Losing customers and businesses due to a poor phone system is frustrating and should be avoided. A business office phone system designed to meet the demands of the retail industry can enhance customer experience and improve efficiencies.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Retail Stores

What are the features that retail stores require in an office phone system?

Every retail store needs to route calls as rapidly and effectively as possible, regardless of size or specialty.

Customers who hear busy signals or are placed on hold for long periods often express frustration, which could lead to bad reviews or negative word-of-mouth comments about your business.

An effective business communications system is critical to servicing customers quickly and staying in touch with suppliers to track shipments.

You need a robust and adaptable system that lets you take and make calls on your business line when using your mobile phone, to manage your supply chain for multiple retail locations, whether you are in the office or away.

If you manage more than one franchise location, you can quickly and efficiently have one business phone system with an extension dialing to multiple stores.

Some excellent office phone features for your retail locations include the following:

Voxtel's advanced features streamline retailers' daily work, boosting productivity and making customers happier.

An enjoyable shopping experience at all hours

Virtual Receptionist is beneficial whether you are busy assisting customers or after hours; your callers will be greeted with helpful information, like directions to their destination and business hours.

The menu options can be customized by you, for example:

"Press 1 for a customer service and press 2 for store hours"

Business Phone Service for Retail Stores
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Great office phone features for your retail locations.

Always in touch

The Voxtell mobile app helps you communicate with customers both in and out of the store, making it easier to assist on a larger scale.

Call Forwarding with Extension Dialing makes it easier to help customers in different locations.

Your staff can transfer shoppers to a location with the desired product in stock if the initial place is out of stock. This convenience allows for a better customer experience.

Notify the appropriate staff members at the same time.

You can create personalized “Ring Groups” and route calls to an entire department immediately.

Your customer service department will be notified as soon as your customer, with a question about a return, navigates to the appropriate menu option.

With Voxtell, you won't have to worry about our staff wasting time routing the caller to the right place.

Backend systems integration.

Voxtell allows you to tie your billing and loyalty program CRM systems directly, so you can always recognize each customer and serve them more quickly and accurately.

Simple and easy to set up.

Voxtell can save you time by efficiently scaling your business phone across many retail locations with our convenient setup.

Improve customer service with performance tools.

Recording calls for quality assurance and playback for evaluation and training purposes is possible.

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