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Business Phone Service for Real Estate Companies

Many successful real estate brokers, agents, and property managers work outside the office. It is crucial to stay connected and never miss a potential client or tenant call. A flexible business phone system is imperative for closing deals and running a successful organization.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Real Estate Companies

What do business phone systems need for real estate companies?

One of the most important aspects of working in real estate is having a centrally located office where clients can easily reach you. However, it also means being willing to work at various locations.

While hosting an open house or showing potential tenants your property, you must remain mobile and easily reachable. Real estate is a highly competitive market, and even missing one call could mean losing a potential client or tenant.

Real estate businesses need a mobile phone service. They also need to quickly flip their call between their desk phone and mobile phone.

Creating a successful real estate business requires having a professional image with dependable service that's both quick and easy.

Business Phone Service for Real Estate Companies
"Voxtell is wonderful to work with. They are both innovative and flexible which allows them to accommodate our needs quickly and efficiently. We have been customers for several years now and find the whole team to be knowledgeable, professional and quick to implement the solutions we need."
Wendi Iglesias - The Keyes Company - keyes.com

Voxtell gives your real estate company progressed business phone capabilities.

Maintaining a particular image in meetings or during work hours is professional

When you're out of the office, Voxtell's Virtual Receptionist provides helpful information and routes callers to the correct department or individual, so you won't keep clients waiting.

We are always connected.

The Voxtell app gives real estate brokers, agents, and property managers their business phone system on their mobile phones.

Clients can be called from anywhere using their business number with Call Flip. Calls can be seamlessly switched from a desk phone to a mobile phone without any interruption.

Make sure to get back to clients, title companies, and lenders on time.

You can see when various clients, financial institutions, or others have called with Caller-ID and Call Logs.

In this way is easy to prioritize them and recall them with one click.

Get home tours, signing meetings, and more done quickly and without hassle.

Caller ID, Call Logs, and Virtual Fax Logs are designed to help you verify the amount of time spent on each client and listing.

Our software integrates seamlessly with backend systems.

Voxtell integrates with your appointment calendars, making it easy to identify each client and help them more quickly.

Recording calls aids in accuracy for taking notes and in quality assurance.

Play will call you back at your convenience to confirm the details to help you serve your clients and tenants more effectively.

No additional or hidden fees.

Voxtell’s all-inclusive pricing eliminates long-distance charges and add-ons, saving you money on calls between properties and locations.

Get virtual fax numbers so multiple staff members can fax simultaneously, free of charge. Enjoy affordable monthly rates that are consistent.

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