Toll-free Numbers

Toll-free Numbers

If you have non-local customers who want to call your business, provide them a toll-free number.
Toll-free Numbers

What is a toll-free number?

A toll-free phone number is a particular area code that doesn't charge the caller.

Toll-free number prefixes include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

The "toll-free" segment is for consumers, especially those with landlines. Companies finance the cost of inbound calls by using their phone service provider.

Consumers place more trust in a small business that uses a toll-free number than a local number.

It was historically tricky for landline users to call outside of their local area without incurring extra charges, something savvy direct response advertisers quickly exploited with three-digit codes.

A vanity phone number is an impressive, toll-free business number that spells out a word or phrase. Vanity toll-free numbers are influential enough to shape your brand as 1-844-VOXTELL as we did.

Advantages of toll-free numbers

Below are some benefits of having a unique business phone number: Businesses use toll-free numbers to:

Build Trust- Building trust is essential to increasing your company's legitimacy in the eyes of prospects and customers.

Reach more people- Make your company accessible to more people by allowing them to dial in using landlines.

Route Calls- Calls can be routed to specific teams with the set up of toll-free numbers.

Streamline Calls- Use one primary phone number to streamline and simplify your calls.

Expand markets-Toll-free business numbers can help you expand your markets and achieve a national presence.

Terms to know about toll-free numbers.

Area Code- Is an access code that allows the user to make a toll-free call.

Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) - Identifies the caller ID and the number a person calls before they are connected to an agent.

Interactive voice response (IVR) -Interactive voice response (IVR) uses voice recognition software and routing to direct callers to the most suitable agent.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Is a government organization that oversees communications, including toll-free services.

Call Forwarding- The business phone system has a function to redirect calls to another individual, team, or phone number.

Auto Attendant -Auto attendants, give callers a menu of options to help them reach the right agent.

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