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Business Phone Service‍ for Law Firms

Law firms rely on consistent, reliable communication through every case or contract work element. Reliable office phone systems are essential to the legal profession, from preparing casework to meeting with outside counsel.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service‍ for Law Firms

What do law firms need in an office phone system?

Business communication via email is vital to the daily work routine of any attorney, though law firms can differ significantly in size and area of expertise.

Whether you are a corporate or family law office with two or two hundred attorneys, you will have client meetings, have to appear in court, and hold conference calls that necessitate both dependability and the ability to move around.

Clear and easy business-class communications are critical for success. Your business phone system should integrate seamlessly into each lawyer’s workflow.

Attorneys should be able to make calls on their business line from inside and outside the office.

Lawyers are always on the go, traveling between office meetings and court appearances. In addition, law firms need advanced voicemail, conference bridges, and call waiting options so they never miss an important call or voicemail, as that could impact a case or a client’s outcome.

It is essential for law firms to be able to handle all of those tasks while maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

Since Law practice is a highly competitive field with high stakes, clients have many options.

Making clients feel valued and listened to is the best way to make a great first impression that lasts. Look for features in the software that will support your ability to do this.

Business Phone Service‍ for Law Firms
"Voxtell is perfect for a single user all the way up to hundreds of users with a price point that is perfect for any budget."
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Outstanding business phone features for your law firm

Voxtell has an extensive range of products and features perfect for law firms of all sizes and fields.

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Voxtell's Virtual Receptionist ensures that callers are routed to the correct department or individual, providing a professional image in both meetings and court.

Voxtell makes it easy to build menu options such as “Press 1 to make an appointment” and will automatically route the caller. Conference Bridge can assist you in hosting seamless meetings with two or more attendees.

Keep in touch whether you're in or out of the office.

The Voxtell mobile app allows attorneys and paralegals to use their business lines on their mobile phones to stay connected when in the office, at court, or at a client’s site.

You can immediately switch an active call from your desk phone to your mobile phone.

Call Flip allows you to continue your phone conversation while heading to court without disruptions.

Simplify billing with accurate records.

The billing department can efficiently verify the time spent on each client and case with Voxtell features like Caller-ID, Call Logs, and Virtual Fax Logs enabled.

Our software integrates seamlessly with backend systems.

Voxtell can tie into your appointment calendar and billing to instantly recognize each client and serve them more quickly and accurately.

Call recordings are beneficial for taking accurate notes.

You can playback calls at your earliest convenience to cross-check crucial details that can alter legal cases and outcomes.

No additional or hidden costs.

Save money on calls to clients anywhere in the U.S by eliminating long-distance charges.

Get Virtual Fax numbers so multiple staff members can fax simultaneously.

Voxtell's all-inclusive and affordable pricing enables you to budget more effectively while receiving excellent business value.

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