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Business Phone Service for Construction Companies

If you work in construction, you are likely familiar with the need to balance and manage multiple tasks on any given day. In this industry, communication is critical to success, whether calling suppliers, meeting with clients, or caring for staff across multiple building sites.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Construction Companies

What are the necessary features of an office phone system for construction companies?

Construction companies regularly oversee projects in different locations, so managers receive many calls. As the construction industry expands and tasks are added to the schedule, construction managers will need an office phone system to accommodate their growth.

Mobile access is also critical for construction companies. Many of your employees will have work that takes them away from their desks.

Making and receiving mobile calls using your main business line is crucial – especially with so many of your employees working at building sites.

Many construction managers also require easy call transfer capabilities. Clients who call must be transferred to the owner, and suppliers need to be able to get in touch with project managers quickly.

Business Phone Service for Construction Companies
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Voxtell offers advanced business phone systems designed explicitly for construction companies.

Voxtell offers many features that construction companies of all sizes and specialties can benefit from, including:

Virtual Receptionist.

The multi-level virtual receptionist is a handy tool that lets you take calls at the office and route them to managers working at different construction sites.

We offer multi-level options so you can tailor the virtual receptionist to provide basic information, like hours and location, as well as after-hours and alternate business hours.

Pricing that includes everything.

Voxtell has no hidden costs or expensive setup fees. Each account comes with a business phone number, a toll-free number of your choice, a virtual fax extension, and a conference extension line.

Mobile app.

Voxtells's mobile features have the office phone and smartphone working off the same business phone line, so it's like having two phones in one.

Call Forwarding.

Transfering calls makes work more accessible. It does not matter if your employees are out at construction sites.

This helps to take messages and jot down phone numbers.

HD Voice Technology.

With so much to consider when planning construction projects, you'll want to be confident that every phone call is straightforward and dependable on time.

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