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Business Phone Service for Restaurants

The success of any restaurant relies heavily on clear and effective communication. This includes everything from scheduling employee shifts and tracking supplies to taking reservations.

Voxtell can support your business in various ways without additional or hidden costs.

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Business Phone Service for Restaurants

What are the requirements for a business phone system in a restaurant?

There are many duties that restaurant staff must complete daily, regardless of whether the restaurant is fine dining, quick-serve, or fast food.

As a manager, it's essential to be agile when working with suppliers. This way, you can be sure you're getting the right products - especially regarding food and beverages.

As a host, it's essential to communicate effectively with customers, whether you're scheduling reservations, planning events, or taking orders.

An efficient and reliable phone system is crucial for any chain restaurant. It allows management and staff to stay connected and easily access information remotely.

Restaurants need a flexible, scalable communications system to avoid missing calls for reservations or suppliers' lack of inventory. This can frustrate customers and lead to bad reviews.

Business Phone Service for Restaurants
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Voxtell provides advanced office phone system features for restaurants

24/7 Greetings show guests a professional image.

Customers could get frustrated if they wait on the phone while the host is helping other customers. Restaurant service is fast-paced.

Voxtell's Virtual Receptionist can attend to your calls. You can construct menu options to service callers efficiently when ordering take-out, asking about dietary restrictions, or confirming directions to your establishment.

You can work remotely just as effortlessly as you would at your office desk.

Restaurant managers are frequently busy checking on suppliers, while the chef works with staff to perfect the menu in the kitchen.

The two departments must remain in constant communication, and the Voxtell app will ensure that your staff stays connected no matter where they are.

Notify the appropriate staff effortlessly.

You can create customized "Ring Groups" that direct calls to specific departments or groups of employees.

For example, supplier calls can go directly to restaurant management, while other calls can be routed straight to the kitchen team and chef. Guest calls go to the host.

Our backend systems integration includes reservations and billing.

You can quickly and accurately serve your customers by identifying them quickly and easily.

Customer service will be improved.

Use Caller-ID and guest names in Call Logs to confirm reservations and quickly maintain call-back times. You can even record calls for review and training purposes.

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