How to Set Up a Professional Phone Greeting for Your Business

How to Set Up a Professional Phone Greeting for Your Business

If you're a business owner, you've got to have a business phone line set up with a professionally recorded phone greeting. We're not talking "leave a message at the dial tone" or a simple "insert phone number" dial tone as your recording line. No, you've got to make an impression, just as you would with your online branding, that is, your social accounts or website.

You're a business owner, not a hobbyist. And if you've gone the extra steps to incorporate a professional phone service into your business, you have to have your phone greeting set up as well. This, too, is an extension of your brand, so you must treat it like such.

So, we're here to help you with just that. If you're seeking ways to set up your professional phone greeting, look no further. Here's how to set up your professional phone recording in 5 simple steps.

Let's get started!

Setting Up Your Professional Phone Greeting in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you've chosen your professional voice recording for phone systems or not, we'll proceed as if you haven't for the sake of covering the entirety of this process.

For a brief overview, choosing a professional phone recording service consists of choosing your business phone plan, signing up and setting up your business phone service, downloading any necessary apps that are relevant to your business, setting up your phone greeting, configuring any necessary settings, extensions, and users, and finally, getting started with making and receiving calls. Let's get into those details, shall we?

1. Choosing Your Business Phone Plan

Choosing your business phone line plan is simple. You've possibly done your research and narrowed down the competition to your top picks, whatever you think will be best suited for your needs, plans, and budget.

If you haven't, though, we at Voxtell specialize in phone, video, and text for business and can help you get sorted with a personalized plan unique to your business' budget, plans, and needs. Request a quote, and we can get started from there.

When choosing a business phone plan, look for something that is accessible and easy to learn. If you have a team or if you simply prefer something usable, seek out a company that has an interface that is digestible for just about anyone. Moreover, it's in your best interest to choose a service or plan that offers unlimited calling, voicemail to email services, and calling queuing. It's best if it can be accessed via mobile or web app.

2. Sign Up & Set Up Your Business Phone Service

This is the easiest part! After choosing your plan, your chosen business phone service should help you in this process. If not, simply sign up and purchase your plan and choose your number from there. Many companies, like Voxtell, allow you to keep your existing number if you already have one.

You may need a toll free number or a local number. Your chosen phone service should offer both. Choose either or both if desired for your business needs. Most companies offer both options, and they also offer numbers for you to select depending on your state and city (for local).

3. Download Any Apps Relevant To Your Line

This is another no brainer. Your chosen business phone service company should prompt you to do this upon choosing your plan and number. Many companies, including Voxtell, offer both mobile and desktop apps allowing you to manage your business line with ease.

This, too, is where you may address onboarding or training with your current team to get them to understand the new platform being incorporated into their workflows.

Need help setting up your business apps and integrations? Voxtell's got you covered with business technology management services. Request a quote to learn how Voxtell can help you get your business technology in line.

4. Set Up Your Business Greeting Line

This is perhaps the most important step of setting up your professional business phone. As we mentioned earlier, your phone greeting is an extension of your brand, and you should treat this just as you would your social media or website.

Talk to your team and decipher what style of greeting is most suited for your business. Depending on your provider, you may record the message yourself, or they will have professionals on hand to record your greeting for you. Voxtell works with a professional recording studio to provide clear, effective, and friendly business phone greetings for our clients. Remember, a simple dial tone is not suitable for a modern business.

5. Configurations

Now the not so fun part, configurations. However, once it's done, it's done, for the most part at least.

In your mobile app or web app dashboard, you should have settings you can access and, therefore, configure. In these settings, you should be able to add other users, extensions, and so on. Voxtell provides free onboarding and training, and we'll work with you to make sure everything is set up correctly so you can get right back to work with as little downtime as possible.

It is worth noting that not every business phone service may offer these additional configurations, so be mindful of this when selecting your business phone service and plan. Take note of this, especially if you have a team or plan on expanding in the future!

Start Receiving & Making Calls Today

Once those 5 steps are sorted, you can finally start receiving and making business calls! We're so excited for you and the leveling up of your company.

If you haven't just yet chosen your business phone service and are looking for a professional phone message recording with a reliable, trusted company, we at Voxtell are that company. We've helped many local businesses modernize their business communications and grow and are more than happy to help you set up your professional phone recording service line.

Contact us and request a free quote. We're excited to a part of the continued success of your business!

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