Why Does Your Business Need Professional Phone Recording Services?

Why Does Your Business Need Professional Phone Recording Services?

Did you know that 60% of consumers would rather call a small business on the phone instead of contacting them through some other means?

That means that if you haven't put any energy or attention into your phone system, you're doing yourself a disservice.

How can you up your game and impress consumers when they call your business phone?

The answer: professional phone recording services. Here's why your business needs a high-quality, professionally recorded message right away.

Make a Good First Impression

When a customer picks up the phone and calls your business phone number, the message they hear will be their very first impression of your business.

What do you think happens when the voice message is unprofessional or even nonexistent? It's likely that a potential customer takes their business elsewhere.

When people pay a company for a product or a service, they want to know they're dealing with the best in the business. When you use a phone message recording service, the customer immediately assumes your business is professional and authoritative. This is true whether or not they even realize it consciously.

Gives Off a Polished, Professional Image

We've all called businesses where the last word you'd use to describe the experience is "professional." Creating a professional and polished brand image is one crucial step on the road towards customer trust and satisfaction.

When a customer is purchasing your product or service, they're putting their trust in you. They want to know that they're dealing with competent people who are selling them something of value. That's why having a professional sounding message can put the customer at ease and increase their trust in your brand.

Professional Phone Recording Services Can Increase Sales

Having an on hold voice recording is a sure-fire way to increase sales. This is a great opportunity to use professionally recorded messages. They can answer frequently asked questions or let your customers know about special promotions.

If your customer is going to be waiting on hold, why not take advantage of that time while you have their attention? This is quality time that can be transformed into sales.

Callers Are More Likely to Stay on the Line

One study found that callers are, on average, willing to wait three more minutes on hold when there is a message or music rather than silence.

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. When you leave your customer to wait in silence, they're left to wonder whether anyone is ever going to pick up at all. On the other hand, when there is a recording or music there, they feel more comfortable that their call will be answered soon enough.

The Music, Voice, and Message Can Strengthen Your Brand Image

With your business, you're thinking about brand image all the time. Building your website, designing your logo, or creating compelling advertising campaigns are all instances when brand image is a central consideration.

Why then, wouldn't you want to incorporate your brand image into your on hold voice recording as well? You're constantly thinking about how you want your company to look, but how does it sound? The more consistent your brand image is across all platforms, the more authoritative, legitimate, and trustworthy your brand seems.

On top of strengthening your brand image, having a professional phone recording can help make your business seem up to date and relevant. During major holidays, your message and music can be updated to reflect the season.

Callers Can Get Directed to the Right Department

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you're getting passed around the office from one person to the next. When a customer calls, they want to be talking to the right person right away. Using professionally recorded business phone systems is a great way to make sure calls are directed to the right place the first time around.

Better Sound Quality

Sure, anyone can record a phone message, but the sound quality will be drastically and noticeably better when it's recorded professionally. Messages recorded in the office can easily get cut off, have background noise, or have unclear and garbled voices. Professional voice recording for business numbers, on the other hand, will sound crisp and clear.

Improves Customer Experience

Almost everyone has had a bad experience calling a company or customer service. If your voice prompts are unclear or out of date, it's easy for callers to get lost in business phone systems.

You want to keep your customers happy and solve the problems they have. A phone message recording system can ensure that the prompts are concise and clear. This way, your customer can have the best possible experience calling your company.

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

Consumers are constantly making decisions between different brands. If your competition has an unprofessional voice recording system, this is an easy and smart way to set yourself apart from them. In comparison, customers will see your company as more professional and legitimate.

Professional Phone Recording Services: They're Worth It!

Businesses are always trying to save money, and that makes sense. However, your phone system is not where you want to cut corners. When you realize how many more sales having a professional phone message recording service produce your messages, you'll see that recording the messages yourself is actually costing you money.

Is it time for you to upgrade your business phone service by using professional phone recording services? If your answer is yes, get a quote today from Voxtell!

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