Why your small business needs a cloud PBX phone service

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December 2, 2022
Why your small business needs a cloud PBX phone service

Learn how a phone system backed up by the cloud gives you flexibility, security and value

As a small business owner, you need affordable solutions that give real results. Sometimes these can be hard to find without cutting corners. With advances in technology, however, a cloud-based phone system can be a reliable and cost-saving solution for your small business. Keep reading to learn how your business can benefit from a cloud PBX phone service.

What is PBX?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a virtual phone system that gives you a professional way to keep in contact. It will keep you seamlessly connected to your colleagues internally as well as externally to your customers. There are many advantages to considering one for your business. Because the system automatically switches calls between users on local lines, it allows all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Therefore you can reduce your phone costs with a PBX system, because each user is not required to have a dedicated line.

Why cloud PBX?

With a traditional PBX you need separate networks for voice and data communications. Cloud PBX, however, employs converged data and voice networks, allowing all of your telephone services to run through your internet connection. With traditional PBX, initial equipment setup costs can be expensive just to get up and running. Furthermore, most traditional PBX systems require a dedicated operator to manage the lines. With a cloud PBX system, there is no “box” to purchase so it’s a more economical choice for your business. You can also manage the virtual system yourself, eliminating the need for expensive technicians.

The cloud: affordable and secure

Cloud-based technology is emerging as the go-to solution for many business needs around the world. You can securely store sensitive data, go wireless with WiFi connections, and even pay for items by simply hovering your phone over a payment terminal. A cloud-based phone system is a great idea if you are looking for reliability and cost-effectiveness. With a cloud PBX you don’t have to purchase and maintain expensive hardware — all of your information is stored securely in the cloud, and it’s easy to access everything immediately.

The flexibility your business needs

Scalability and flexibility is inherent in cloud-based technology. Because a traditional PBX is a physical piece of equipment, it cannot be easily modified or upgraded. With cloud PBX, on the other hand, you can easily reconfigure settings at a moment’s notice and easily add capacity as your company grows. The system also gives you and your employees physical flexibility — cloud-hosted phones work anywhere a WiFi connection is available, so you can work from home, a hotel room, a conference room or on the road, without losing contact with your colleagues and customers.

Trusted reliability

Because a traditional PBX resides in only one location, your company’s phone service is entirely dependent on it — there is no “backup system.” Cloud PBX, on the other hand, is a reliable solution to your business’s communication needs thanks to multiple off-site servers. Since a cloud PBX system works over your internet connection, it also simplifies your company’s communication network. Additionally, your service provider will store and manage all of the data that you want your cloud PBX to hold — everything is always backed up, so you never need to worry.

A cloud PBX system will help you communicate better, and it can grow as your business does. What’s more, it’s often more affordable than a traditional PBX. If you’re ready to upgrade your phone system or need more information, Voxtell is here to help. We offer simple plans for small businesses like yours, and we’ve helped thousands of clients with their communication needs. All of our products come with easy to understand features and 24/7 technical support should you ever need it. You can learn more about the Voxtell advantage here. With us there are no activation or setup fees, so you can be up and running with your new phone solution in no time – contact us today to get started!

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