Why a professional phone greeting is essential

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December 2, 2022
Why a professional phone greeting is essential

Does your current phone system help or hinder your customers?

First impressions count! In business, this is especially important — often, customers won’t give you a second chance if you failed to impress the first time around.

Telephone greetings are a powerful part of doing business: many potential customers will reach out via phone before they set foot in your store or meet you face to face. You can put yourself in a strong position when you have a great phone introduction greeting. Keep reading to learn why you should have one, and how to do it.

You’ll make a professional first impression

Whether you own a multinational business or you’re a company of one, you’ll look unprepared and unprofessional without a quality phone greeting. Your greeting should welcome callers, clearly state your business name, and then list the options available to them, if appropriate. With a greeting like this, you’ll give potential customers confidence that they’ve reached the right place, and hopefully impress them enough to do business with you.

You’ll help people find what they need

Reduce confusion for your potential customers and avoid frustration for your existing customers, by giving your callers menu options that are easy to understand. With a business phone solution, you can customize your system to route calls to the appropriate department, extension or voicemail inbox. Plus, you can have different forwarding options for out-of-hours calls.

You’ll show your quality customer service

With a good introduction greeting, you’ll show your customers how great your service is from the get-go. You can also use this first contact as an opportunity to set the tone for your business. Aim to be professional and personable. Make sure the great service doesn’t end when your customer reaches the person they want — train your team to share the same professional voice of your introduction greeting and menu.

Help your business shine from the very first phone call. Think how you’d like to be treated as a customer, and build this into creating an introduction greeting that’s professional and fits the tone of your business.

Set your business up for success: choose a business phone system that has the ability to add your own introduction greeting. There may be pre-recorded options, you can record your own, or add a professionally recorded greeting.

Our Auto Attendant feature, included with all Voxtell business phone solutions, acts as your virtual receptionist. It gives you the ability to record a bespoke message and create a phone system that directs calls to the right place every time. Don’t limit your customer reach — it’s simple to configure your phone system to provide options in different languages. We also offer professionally recorded greetings as an Add-On feature.

Make your first impression count! Switch to Voxtell and transform your introduction greeting today — contact us to get started now.

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