3 ways to make your business a success

3 ways to make your business a success

Learn how keeping your employees happy will make your customer service shine

For any business, customer service is vitally important. Your contact center can make or break your business. Customer numbers are dwindling, your team aren’t handling calls as well as they used to, and paperwork is piling up — does this sound familiar? Chances are you have a problem with the way your contact center is being managed.

Opening a call center is a big task in itself, but after it is established you can’t neglect it. Making sure your employees are trained well and kept motivated is essential, in order to keep customers happy and to drive sales.

Stay on the same page

Having a contact center means that your agents can either work with you in your office, work from home, or even work in a different state or country. Having a comprehensive training program in place is essential, to ensure everyone can uphold the quality standard of your company. If you make changes to the way you do things, be sure to communicate these changes to all your staff. Follow up by asking your employees what they understood from the directions you just gave them. When everyone knows what you expect from them, there are fewer opportunities for mistakes.

Be a proactive leader

Interact with your employees! Find out what problems they may be having and help work through them. Ask for suggestions on what you can improve in the company. This is a great way that leaders can keep everyone involved, engaged and feeling valued. Give your employees positive feedback when they’ve done a good job, and regular evaluations so they know how they are performing. Your agents are a huge part of your business, but they won’t perform well if they don’t have a leader they can follow. Be encouraging and approachable, but don’t be afraid to take charge if you notice problems that are affecting the business.

Find the right fit

If your team is working well but you’re still having issues, the fault may lie with your contact center software. Take the time to evaluate what you need and what your current system offers you. Essential features should include hold music, call recording, analytics, visual voicemail and vanity phone numbers — if your current system doesn’t offer all of these it might be time to upgrade.

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