How your phone system reflects your business

How your phone system reflects your business

The way you greet and direct customers speaks volumes about your company

For any business, it’s essential to give customers a phone number they can reach you on. Providing great customer service over the phone is crucial, whether you’re a multinational corporation or a company of one.

Let’s explore how having a great phone system can help you elevate the customer experience, then learn how to create one for your business.

Your phone system sets the tone for future communications

For many businesses, the first interaction a customer will have with you is over the phone. It’s important to get the tone right. With a professional, efficient phone system you’ll show your customers how great your customer service is from the get-go.

Start with what people first hear when they call you. Your phone greeting should:

  • Welcome callers
  • Clearly state your business name
  • List the options available to them
  • Let them know calls are being recorded, if applicable.

You can also use your phone system to communicate the vibe of your business. Believe it or not, it’s a great opportunity to show a little of your company’s personality! Always aim to keep the tone professional and personable.

Keep your customers in mind

Think about how you like to be treated as a customer. If your phone system is confusing and hard to navigate, people may dread having to call you—and they may be tempted to take their money elsewhere.

When you put the time into designing a phone navigation system that lets customers quickly get to where they need to go, they’ll thank you for it.

Choose a business phone solution that is fully customizable, so you can:

  • Route calls to the appropriate department, extension or voicemail inbox
  • Set up different forwarding options for out-of-hours calls
  • Change recordings and routing as needed.

Remember to think about the little details too: something as simple as your on-hold music can have a big impact on customer satisfaction.

Make things easier for your customers

For people who need to call your company regularly, make things as simple as possible for them. Instead of having to listening to your whole automated script, give them shortcuts so they can get to the right place quickly.

Also, think about how you can solve problems on the phone. What questions are you often asked by customers who call in?

Consider including frequently requested information as part of your phone navigation, such as:

  • Your opening hours
  • Directions to your location/locations
  • Your website address
  • Current promotions and special offers.

Prepare for the future

The services you offer are constantly evolving—so it’s important to make sure your phone system can keep up. With a business phone solution, you can scale your phone system as you get busier, adding extra extensions and more options with the click of a button.

Our top tip for managing high call volume? Provide a triage system to better understand why people are calling. You can reduce call wait times and decrease the burden on call center staff by using an automated system to ask a few simple questions that customers can answer via voice or keypad.

Looking for a business phone solution?

Look no further than Voxtell! Our Auto Attendant feature, included with all Voxtell business phone solutions, acts as your virtual receptionist. It gives you the ability to record a bespoke message and create a phone system that directs calls to the right place every time. We also offer professionally recorded greetings as an Add-On feature.

Switch to Voxtell and transform your introduction greeting today—contact us to get started now.

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