Looking for a Florida VoIP in Orlando? Here's What to Know

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December 2, 2022
Looking for a Florida VoIP in Orlando? Here's What to Know

Business owners across the country are discovering the benefits of VoIP. Small businesses are saving 50% and more on communication costs, including reducing daily phone calls by 30 minutes.

As more small businesses explore and introduce remote work, VoIP is proving to be an asset for long-distance and global communication.

The cost benefits of VoIP and its impact on productivity are clear, but you need a quality VoIP provider to experience the full potential of this technology.

Start with this guide to choosing the right Florida VoIP company in Orlando.

Understand Your Business Communication Needs

Whenever you're choosing a new business product or service, you have to put your company's needs first. You don't want to miss out on products that can improve efficiency. Think about your communication needs and learn more about VoIP products that can help you achieve your goals.

For example, if you're running a new company with few employees, consider services designed for small business communication. Large businesses with higher data and technology demands should consider enterprise solutions.

Business growth is another point to consider. Are you thinking of scaling your business in the future?

Traditional business phone systems generate hardware waste and extra data costs. VoIP conserves data and money spent on bulky hardware; this helps businesses scale quickly (and remotely.)

If you want to scale, you need reliable VoIP products that can handle your growing demands. Look for providers that offer cloud platforms, unlimited calls, streamlined call routing, call querying, mobile solutions, etc.

Find a User-Friendly Solution

Complicated communication technology takes too long to learn, confuses employees, and ultimately frustrates clients. Your next step is to find a user-friendly VoIP platform everyone can use.

Request a demo to experience products for yourself. Look for providers that provide intuitive apps compatible with desktops and mobile devices; this is essential for employees who travel frequently.

VoIP connects departments, which is essential for business goals. The goals of the sales teams are very much aligned with the purposes of the marketing department. Look for user-friendly platforms with built-in analytics, so managers can view metrics and make data-driven decisions; this feature is also critical for measuring call center efficiency.

Consider Digital Collaboration

Business communication tools are integral to team work, and collaboration drives innovation. Maintaining productive work environments requires efficient digital collaboration, especially as companies embrace remote work.

VoIP providers should include digital collaboration tools that help businesses save money on communication and inspire productive collaboration. Look for platforms with audio and video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, and text messaging.

Think about collaboration preferences when researching the best provider. Some employees prefer smartphones, while others are more productive through email. Look for platforms that offer voice-to-email features, so team members can listen to voicemails directly from their email.

Think About Security

Your data is sensitive. You can't afford cyber threats, data breaches, and leaking of proprietary information. All businesses should practice strict security standards, which includes drafting communication security policies for employees. Your VoIP service should go the extra mile in providing peace of mind.

Top VoIP providers understand the critical importance of security and provider the following security features:

  • Network and phone call encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Session Border Controllers or firewall technology

Businesses can beef up their security by creating strong network passwords. Providers should also provide quick resolution in the case of a security incident or concerning call interception.

Ask Questions

VoIP security is one of the most important questions you can ask potential voip providers. This leads right into the next point: don't hesitate to ask questions. Top providers are transparent and are happy to discuss your questions and concerns.

Constantly switching VoIP providers is a pain. You want a long-term solution. Ask about past clients, projects, and results, in addition to exploring product demos.

Always request a demo before choosing a software. Even great reviews aren't enough. You need to see the product in action to determine if it's a right fit for your company, employees, and overall goals.

Don't forget to request quotes too. Gather a quotes from your top choices to compare with industry rates. This is also important if you want custom solutions for your business.

Ask about those custom solutions too. Every business is different, and you may need customized IT solutions along with a cloud phone system. Managed IT can also beef up VoIP and IT security at your business.

Still using fax? You're not the only one. Providers should accommodate all business communication needs. Ask about virtual fax services that let you send fax from desktops and mobile devices.

Did you know that you don't have to give up your hardware to enjoy the benefits of VoIP? One of the biggest challenges for businesses is moving their old "legacy" phone systems to the cloud. Ask providers about SIP trunking, so you can keep your current hardware and save data with VoIP.

Customer Service and Tech Support

How is a company's customer service approach? Do they offer reliable tech support? This is important to remember when choosing the right provider for your needs.

Don't settle for rude service or lackluster support. Professionalism says a lot about a VoIP company. Choose a provider that's easy to access and happy to guide you through the research process.

Talk directly to a VoIP specialist or join a meeting to discuss the most efficient communication solutions for your goals. You should also receive a thorough rundown of solutions during the quote process.

Discover the Right Florida VoIP Provider

Don't settle for second best. Enjoy the benefits of the best Florida VoIP provider in Orlando. Remember these tips as you discover the communication products for your goals.

Are you ready to talk about your goals now? Join a meeting, request a quote, or contact us directly to learn how we can help!

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