Customer Success Stories: American Insurance Point

Customer Success Stories: American Insurance Point

American Insurance Point, or AIP, is a personal insurance firm here in Orlando, FL. AIP came to Voxtell with a serious problem.

Ana Myrrha, Principal/Broker for AIP had several issues with her previous provider because of AIP's international clientele. She had one number for the United States and another number for Brazil, but the Brazilian number never worked properly and she was missing out on a large portion of her business.

Voxtell provided Ana and AIP with a Brazilian line and since then, all of her international call problems have been eliminated.

AIP's phones were out for hours, which is a huge problem since all of AIP's business is conducted over internet and phone. She texted Junior, founder and CEO of Voxtell, and they came right away to fix the problem.

"Hurricanes are a busy time for us," Ana said. "I love their team because even during those times I can count on them to make sure our service is online!"

Customer service is our #1 priority, and if we have power, we'll make sure your lines are working. We love working with Ana and American Insurance Point, and we understand how important it is to make sure they can keep up with demand when hurricane season hits.

Looking for a reliable telecommunication service? Look no further than Voxtell. Our mission is to provide quality service to Central Florida businesses at an affordable cost. Get a quote today and see the Voxtell difference for yourself.

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