Cloud-Based Phone Services are Saving Businesses Money

Cloud-Based Phone Services are Saving Businesses Money

Business owners are always looking for ways to save money, and moving to a cloud-based telecommunication service, such as Voxtell, is an easy way to do this. These cloud-based services are called VoIP or Voice Over IP and are great for small or medium size business, such as law firms, real estate offices, and accounting agencies.

No hardware to purchase

A cloud-based service has more potential to save you money than traditional phone services. Many traditional services are expensive to set up due to hardware costs. Some companies may need an auto-attendant, which means having to purchase one and pay someone to set up the hardware. If you have another location and need a second auto-attendant, you’ll have to purchase more hardware.

A cloud-based service can be updated or changed without any additional purchases or installation. Users and phones can be added instantly, and IVRs updated in real time. Calls can be routed to any location. All of this can be done without any additional charges or hardware. This is perfect for real estate agencies that have more than one office and need to transfer calls from one location to another.

Less maintenance, less downtime

Another way companies can save money with a cloud-based service is through reduced maintenance costs. Traditional phone hardware can break down. Companies may lose thousands of dollars during this down time. A traditional phone service requires an expert to fix them, and with these services becoming more rare, it can be hard to find one. Plus their fees will only continue to rise as more and more people switch to VoIP services.  It can also be hard to find parts to repair them. If you switch your business phone to the cloud, your company won’t have to worry about hardware failures and other issues dealing with maintenance. A small law firm never wants to miss an important call from a client, and a cloud-based service like Voxtell can keep this from happening.

No more long distance fees

Long distance and interstate fees are things of the past with a cloud-based service. Because they work over the Internet, there are no fees for calls outside of your calling area. Even international calls are cheaper, usually at half the price with traditional landline-based services. Accounting agencies who handle large business accounts will be able to save money by never paying long distance again.

Upgrades are usually free

All technology requires routine upgrades, and it falls on the responsibility of the company with traditional phone services. With a cloud-based service, your provider covers these. They also offer access to the most up-to-date and best equipment out there.

Answer calls anywhere

Cloud-based services offers mobility to their customers. You will never again be tied to your desk waiting for an important call to come through. With a traditional phone service if you have to move offices, your number will have to be manually rerouted to that location. This could be mean downtime and missing calls you need to receive. Where ever you go, your cloud-based service will be there, because your number, not your location, represents your account. These services also uses apps, making your smart phone an extension of your network, so you can take those calls anywhere you go. A real estate company with agents on the move will appreciate this aspect.

Offers advanced features

Small to medium size businesses, such as law firms, real estate agencies, and accounting firms, can compete with larger, longer-established companies with the advanced features offered by many cloud-based services. Some of these include auto-assistant, music while on hold, call routing, and many others. Your business will appear more professional, and this shows customer service is important to you. Those two things can help your business grow.

Voxtell services can help

Voxtell is one of Florida’s leading business phone service providers and are the all-in-one communication solution for today’s modern small business. We can easily move your legacy phone system to the cloud. Our cloud-based service includes more than 50 features, including phone, video, and messaging for one flat price. Our cloud contact center dynamically manages call flows, call volume, and more, and you can see this performance in real time. Fax from any device connected to the Internet.

We can help your business grow

Voxtell’s communication solutions can help your small to medium size business grow. It's perfect for real estate agencies, law firms, accounting firms, or any other business striving to have excellent customer service to grow their company. We also offer IT management services customized for your business. Our remote support makes it easy to get help when you need it, keeping any downtime at a minimum.

With many businesses going virtual these days due to COVID-19, we provide you with a video meeting platform, included in your plan. It features HD voice and video, so you feel like you are all in the same room. Call recording allows you to share highlights with those who might have missed the meeting through unlimited cloud recording and streaming. Edit files in real time by sharing your screen with other participants in the meeting. Users and teams all over the world can be easily added within minutes.

Special offer

Switch to Voxtell now and take advantage of our special offer: three months of phone, texting, and video calling for free. Set up, porting and new phones are all available at no additional cost, making it virtually risk-free to try. You’ll find you don’t want to go back to traditional phone services because of the convenience, portability, less maintenance, no long distance fees, and special top-of-the-line features the company guarantees. For more information, visit our site at, where you’ll experience a human connection. We're also available by phone at (844) 869-8355.

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