The Benefits of a Business Technology Management Service

The Benefits of a Business Technology Management Service

Company growth is a common goal for businesses of all sizes. Actually achieving that growth can be challenging, but it can be even more challenging if your business doesn’t have a strong technological foundation. Business technology management is an emerging service that aims to help companies establish their technological foundations and set them up for success.

Adding new employees, implementing new software, hardware, and other technology becomes an enormous headache when your business isn’t set up to scale. Something as simple as setting up a new business phone line for a new employee is far more difficult and can even be more expensive, too. The cost of adding onto an improperly established foundation is like adding blocks to a wobbly Jenga tower.

Without that proper foundation, you can expect to have problems down the road. These problems vary from company to company and situation to situation, but they’re never fun to deal with and can stop your business’s growth in its tracks.

A Strong Foundation Saves You Time and Money

Typically, you would need to hire one or more employees to manage your business technology, sometimes a CTO or an IT technician would fill this role. Employees come at a huge cost - not only do you have to pay their salary, but you may also offer benefits, which aren’t cheap. With a business technology management service, you’ll rarely pay anything close to the cost of an actual employee, possibly saving you thousands.

On top of the huge savings, a proper foundation also saves you time. Whether you have a tech team or not, someone is going to have to spend time figuring out what needs to be done to fix your tech issues. That’s precious time taken away from more important tasks, simply to fix, or even worse, put a bandaid on the problem without fixing the core, foundational issue, setting your business up for additional failure later on.

You Need a Strong Foundation to Grow Your Business

Again, without a proper foundation, your business is going to experience growing pains. Adding new technology to an improperly set up foundation is like daisy chaining extension cords and power strips. It might work, but you’re creating a fire hazard, and your building may even short circuit when you plug in a new appliance, shutting everything down.

The same can be said of your foundation. Your setup might work, but once you add a new software to your toolkit, everything could come crumbling down, and you’ll have to stop everything to figure out what went wrong and get everything back in working order. For most businesses, stopping or slowing down is not an option, especially when you’re trying to grow. This is why a strong tech foundation is so important.

How Do You Set Up a Strong Foundation for an Existing Business?

Of course, you can work on establishing your foundation yourself, but it can take a lot of time to figure out what you need to do and how to do it. Then, of course it will take some time to actually set everything up. Fortunately, there are companies that offer business technology management services, like Voxtell.

Voxtell is experienced in everything business technology. We’re known for providing business phone, texting, video and more, but we can also set your business up for success! We can set up your internet service, and we can also set up and integrate all of your software, hardware, and applications. We offer server support and security maintenance, as well as workstation support. We migrate companies onto the cloud, eliminating the need for costly hardware and expensive setup costs. We also offer cabling and network installation as well as office relocation services.

Best of all? You can bundle services and save! Voxtell is an incredibly affordable option for businesses of all sizes looking for anything from a business phone to a business tech foundation cleanup. And because we’re local, we can meet with you to discuss your options and find the best solution for you and your business. We can even come to your office to get a first-hand look at your current setup and make recommendations based on our analysis.

We’re More Than Just a Business Phone Service

At Voxtell, we want to be more than just your business phone provider. We want to be your technology management partner. Stop stressing your business technology. Request a quote today to see how we can help set your business up for success.

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