7 ways your phone system is hurting your business

7 ways your phone system is hurting your business

An unreliable phone system can be harmful to businesses in more ways than you may think

Forward-thinking companies know how to prepare for the future, especially when it comes to business communication. They know a poor phone system can hurt their business and even take away revenue from their bottom line.

When a company is running a business with an outdated and unreliable phone system, they aren’t just dealing with minor irritations—they’re dealing with important missed opportunities, low employee productivity, frustration, customer complaints, damage to their brand image and a multitude of other costly problems.

But how can you tell if your phone system is doing more harm than good? Here are 7 telltale signs your phone system is hurting your business:

Unreliable and Poor Quality

If your employees can’t transfer a call without dropping it or can’t hear your customers properly due to poor sound quality, your phone system is hurting your business. A unreliable phone system is not only disrupting communication with your customers, it’s affecting the overall communication within your company as well.

Difficult to Use

Unlike many new phone systems available today, most older phone systems are very difficult to use. Simple tasks like transferring a call or setting up a conference call require employees to consult a manual. This is not only frustrating but an inefficient use of time.

No Updates or Repairs

An unreliable phone system can already take hours or days to resolve an issue, but a phone system that no longer provides updates or support can certainly take even longer. This can cost your business considerable time and money.

Limited Functionality

Businesses with outdated phone systems fail to consider how important call functionality is to the user experience. Something as simple as hold music can determine how long a customer will wait on hold to be helped.

Hard to Scale

Businesses that expect constant growth should be able to rely on their phone system to grow with them. If you aren’t able to easily add new employees to the phone system or add new locations as the business grows, your phone system is hurting your business.

No Geographical Flexibility

A phone system that ties you and your employees to a physical location can limit your business’s potential. Phone systems with geographical flexibility allow employees to connect from anywhere so your business can operate without interruption.

Negative Customer Experience

Good customer experience depends on reliable, hassle-free communication. If a customer is experiencing frustrating wait times and difficulty finding the right people to talk to, your phone system is hurting your business.

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