5 Signs You Need to Consolidate Your Sales Stack

5 Signs You Need to Consolidate Your Sales Stack

A 2018 Operations Study showed that organizations are using an average of 10 sales tools and in many instances plan to add even more. Businesses tend to add more and more technology in hopes of finding a surefire process that optimizes sales while increasing efficiencies. Unfortunately, the opposite tends to occur. Adding more platforms often adds more complexity, more overlap, and more costs - for less impressive results.

Wondering if your technology stack has gotten too cumbersome? Here are 5 signs to watch out for. If any of these scenarios sound like your company, it’s time to streamline your workflows by consolidating.

Integration that isn’t smooth

To maximize user rates and experience the efficiency you’re hoping for, all of your systems need to integrate with your CRM provider. When everything works together, your workflows will feel like a well-oiled machine. When that isn’t the case, you’ll have a disjointed collection of separate parts and processes. For example, if you need to run reports and that entails constantly shuffling excel documents, your staff is wasting valuable time on data management that could be handled in a system that works with your CRM. Constantly clicking from screen-to-screen denotes a waste of time.

Duplication in functionality

If multiple systems perform the same function, then it can be difficult to know which one to use. Also, chances are good that you’re not fully utilizing functionality that you’re paying for. You’re essentially double-paying. When your team is clear on where processes should be completed, their tasks will run much more smoothly.

Declining efficiency improvements

Your technology stack should increase productivity. When adding new tools, initially you may experience an uptick in efficiency, but that will begin to decrease as people are forced to use multiple platforms. This can also lead to a poor adoption rate among your employees. If the technologies are not working well together, or training has been insufficient, users will quickly stop seeing benefits.

Gaps within your current sales process

The business world and economy are constantly evolving. That means you need to have a diligent eye on your sales process. Consistently assess your technology to make sure it’s meeting your needs. If you find some gaps, it might be time to terminate a platform.

Spiraling costs

Every new technology has a price associated, including subscription fees, training, and updates. The more you add, the more costs you’re looking at. Shorten your stack and you’ll be able to do more with less. Not only will your fixed costs decrease, but the time spent moving between applications for your staff will decrease, saving indirectly as well.

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