4 benefits of a vanity phone number for your business

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December 2, 2022
4 benefits of a vanity phone number for your business

Make it easy for your customers to remember you and reach you

A vanity phone number is a local or toll-free number with a memorable sequence of numbers that’s customized for your business. Having a vanity number is a smart way to help customers easily remember your company and how to reach you. No matter the size of your business or the industry you’re in, having a memorable vanity phone number has some great benefits for your business.

It tells customers who you are

Choosing the right vanity number allows people to see at a glance what you are all about. Maybe your business name is the perfect choice — like 844-VOXTELL — or perhaps you can use your number to describe yourself. Good examples are 1-800-FLOWERS or 212-36-LAWYER. Remember to keep it simple, and avoid any unusual spellings that might confuse your customers.

It’s professional

Even if you’re just starting out in business, having a vanity phone number is a great way to gain credibility for your company. When someone calls you and is greeted by a professional phone system that allows them to easily navigate to where they want to be, all the better. When you use a vanity number that is the right fit for your business, you will help to consolidate your brand and enhance the image of your company.

It’s easy to remember

If your phone number isn’t memorable, you’re missing out on customers. With so many demands for their time, the attention span of consumers is getting shorter, so you need something that will stick in their mind. Make sure your advertising pays off — a vanity phone number is a great way to grab and keep attention. They are especially effective for local and national companies that use billboard advertising, where potential customers have a very small window of time to digest and remember information.

It gives you flexibility

When you have a vanity number as part of a business phone solution, you have ultimate flexibility. You’re not tied to one location, and your customers won’t be affected wherever you are. With a vanity number that can forward to your office or cell phone as needed, you have complete portability while still giving great customer service.

Create a vanity phone number for your business and it will help you be memorable, be more professional and gain customers. If you are looking for a business phone system with a vanity number, Voxtell can help. Our fully customizable phone solutions give you all the features you need to run your business, and we will grow with you. Contact us today to learn more.

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