3 ways upgrading your phone system can improve your cybersecurity

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December 2, 2022
3 ways upgrading your phone system can improve your cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and business phones: everything you need to know

You may be thinking, “There’s no way someone can hack my business through my phone!”

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what hackers want you to think.

The truth is it’s definitely possible for cybercriminals to access confidential business data through your phone—especially if you have an outdated phone system.

Here are 3 ways upgrading your phone system will help you protect your business and improve your cybersecurity:

1. Lower your security risk

As access to new technology increases, so does your vulnerability to cyber attacks.

Connecting older phones to your business network may sound like an easy solution. However, the vulnerabilities that often exist in older systems have the potential to put your entire business at risk.

Newer business phones, on the other hand, are equipped with the latest security and technology updates to better protect your data.

2. Keep remote employees secure

Teleworking is becoming an increasingly popular option for many workplaces. If employees bring their own devices into your network or neglect their security updates, this can increase your security risk.

By providing a new, company-issued phone system to remote employees, you’ll keep your data safe—plus you’ll increase your bandwidth capabilities, flexibility and scalability.

3. Save more than just money

It’s a common misconception that keeping an old phone system will help you save money. In reality, investing in upgrading your phone system can actually save you money—and a lot more besides!

– Save time and energy: Make life easier for your employees! Choose a business phone system that automatically updates and your IT team won’t have to deal with the hassle of running regular security checks and installing frequent updates.

– Save customer relationships: A cybersecurity breach caused by an outdated phone system can cost you the trust of your clients. This could also damage your reputation as a safe and secure business, and you may miss out on new potential customers in the future.

– Increase efficiency: Peace of mind is one of the most important things that a business owner can have. Knowing that your phones are updated and secure will help you focus your time and energy on growing your business.

Upgrading your phone system not only lowers your security risk, but also increases flexibility and security for teleworking employees and saves you money.

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