3 ways to keep your team connected

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December 2, 2022
3 ways to keep your team connected

Make sure your team communication is top-notch, even when your colleagues are working remotely, traveling or in different time zones

In today’s world, not all business happens in the office. For many of us, travel is an essential part of work. Meeting with clients, attending conferences and visiting distributors are all important to help keep your business on track, but communication with your team can often suffer as a result.

When you and your team are communicating well, you’ll benefit both your customers and your bottom line. Maintaining close communication ensures that everyone in your company is on the same page, and as a result you will all work more effectively together. Keep reading to learn three simple ways to make sure your team communication doesn’t break down, no matter where you and your colleagues are in the world.

Nothing beats meeting face to face

A lot of your team communication can be done effectively via email, but sometimes things can get lost, misunderstood or even forgotten. An in-person meeting can often be the best way to understand issues, discuss options and find the solution. No matter how busy you are, make sure you carve out time regularly when you’re in the office to sit down with your team and talk about ongoing and new projects.

Don’t feel remote when you work remotely

If regular in-person meetings aren’t an option, don’t lose hope. It’s easy to keep a close-knit team, even when some or all of you work remotely. All it takes is a little planning! Having a weekly video conference is a great way for remote workers to check in and learn the latest company news and updates. To create an even more collaborative atmosphere, you could think about organizing a work retreat every year, so your team can get together in person.

Use the right tools

Today’s technology means there’s a whole host of tools available — often for free — to help your team communication succeed. Using project management software, where big tasks are broken into smaller parts and assigned to specific teams or individuals, can be a big help when working remotely or in different time zones.

Online shared calendars and organizational messaging tools are also useful ways to keep you and your team well-informed and up to date. You should also consider a business phone solution that will meet the needs of your colleagues and customers, and that can grow as your company does. Choose a system that gives you flexibility, with collaborative features like Auto Attendant, Voicemail to Text, and Local and International Numbers.

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