3 ways smart city technology is driving innovation in Orlando

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December 2, 2022
3 ways smart city technology is driving innovation in Orlando

Smart city technology is on the rise, and Orlando is next in the lineup

Smart city technology is on the rise, with the promise of solutions that will improve the overall efficiency, safety and sustainability of leading cities around the world.

Smart city capabilities have already been implemented in other cities including San Diego, Singapore, Barcelona and Tokyo, to name a few.

Orlando, too, is en route to becoming a smart city, or a “future-ready city” as Mayor Buddy Dyer called it in his 2019 State of the City Address. But what exactly is a smart city and how can the City Beautiful benefit from the use of modern technology?

What is a smart city?
A smart city is generally defined as a municipality that uses technology to optimize its efficiency while promoting economic growth and improving community welfare.

Let’s explore three ways that smart city technology can improve the Orlando area.

1. Efficiency
One of the main goals of smart city technology is to streamline and refine services to improve the city’s efficiency.

In Orlando, these solutions include autonomous shuttle systems, improving the already established SunRail commuter train, and the implementation of 5G technology.

Alternative transportation solutions will improve traffic flow while giving commuters the peace of mind that they will get to their destination quickly.

The rise of 5G technology, a faster wireless network, will make it easier for local Orlando companies to do business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

2. Safety
The smart city plan will offer transportation solutions to create a safer environment for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers alike.

In Orlando, the implementation of solutions to improve the infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists, technology that guides drivers to available parking spots, and systems that lessen traffic congestion are all ways that smart city technology can improve traffic safety.

3. Sustainability
Smart city technology also aims to improve the city’s impact on the environment through the creation of clean energy solutions. These solutions can improve environmental health, along with public health, by improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas use.

In his 2019 State of the City Address, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer also stated that one of the main goals of the future-ready city plan was to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050—a goal that could be accomplished through the use of solar energy resources.

Efforts to improve city services will promote economic growth, bringing commercial growth, talent and business to the Orlando area and its workforce.

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