"With Voxtell, it's never been a problem. We had a lot of issues with our previous provider because of our international clientele."

American Insurance Point
100% of our business is over the internet and phone. Our phones were out for hours, I texted Junior, Voxtell came. Problem solved.
Ana Myrrha

The Problem

AIP's most significant problem with previous providers was that many of her clients were international.

She would have one number for the United States and another for her Brazilian clients.

Before, the Brazilian number would never work correctly, so she was missing a large portion of her business.

The Solution

Voxtell provided AIP with a Brazilian line and a fully customizable solution for her business operation - ever since then, all of her international call problems have been eliminated.

"Hurricanes are a busy time for us. I love their team because even during those times I can count on them to make sure our service is online!"

Sofia at Voxtell

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