Customer Success Stories: 317 Virtual Services

317 Virtual Services is a professional services company based in Orlando, Florida.

The 317 team came to Voxtell after they were dissatisfied by their previous business communication provider. Alexis Daly, VP of Operations, had this to say: "With our previous provider, we got hacked 6 times. Since switching to Voxtell, we've never had a security issue."

The previous provider used hardware instead of cloud services. Because of this, any system updates 317 needed were incredibly expensive. Once they switched to Voxtell, the flexibility of a cloud-based phone system allows them to request changes at any time. We're able to make those changes quickly, often the same day, at little to no cost to 317. In fact, we've saved them thousands of dollars, and our services cost only 1/10 of the cost of their previous provider.

Voxtell's flexibility became a huge boon for 317 during the shift to remote work due to complications from COVID-19. "In March, we gave them a 1-day notice that we were going fully remote. They figured it out, were on calls with vendors, and made sure everything was working properly," said Alexis. We know how difficult this time has been for everyone, including businesses. The confusion and disruption caused by the shift to remote was challenging enough, so our goal was to make the shift to remote communication as easy as possible.

Since security was a big issue for 317 after the problems they faces with their previous provider, they were happy to switch to a provider with far more security. Since switching to Voxtell there have been 0 issues.

We asked Alexis to describe what it's like working with the Voxtell team. This was her response:

"It's really great. They're not like normal tech people. They're so friendly! They feel more like coworkers than vendors."

We love working with Alexis and the team at 317. Getting to know our customers and setting them up with a service to help them succeed is the best part of what we do.

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