Junior Smizmaul

Whether it was when I first came to the United States from Brazil to attend UCF and I had to learn English or now with Voxtell’s mission. Communication has always been the #1 priority for me. In a world of smartphones, video calls, and with the future of VR/AR meetings, I know that the ability to efficiently communicate in our fast-paced world is important to every business. That is why I created Voxtell with the goal to be Simple. Powerful. Reliable. Simple - Voxtell easily integrates into any system that you currently have in place Powerful - We provide superior analytics, voicemail to email, call transcriptions and much more Reliable - Never worry about a conference call with a delay or your call suddenly getting dropped. Voxtell only uses our highest-quality channels and brand new phone devices to ensure your call’s stability. We currently have thousands of users, many of which are based in the Central Florida Area. We’ve had the honor to work closely with StarterStudio and the UCF Incubator as well as top startups from Orlando. Although we love helping small to medium-sized businesses in Central Florida, our customers span from all over the United States all the way to my home country of Brazil. If you’re ready to find your perfect communication solution feel free to connect with me and send me a message.