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VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great way to make and receive phone calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line. VOXtell converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet.




80-100KBPs have shown to be the minimum Internet connection speed needed in order to have a quality phone call. To check your connection speed please visit the following website: VoIP Speed Test.



Yes. During the sign up process, we give you the option of selecting your telephone number. However, depending on the circumstances, there may be limited availability of certain area codes and telephone numbers.



In most cases, yes. Please contact a VOXtell VoIP account executive to confirm.



E-911 is an enhanced 911 service provided by VOXtell and required for all customers. When you call 911, all of your information is given to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Enhanced-911 is ideal because all of your information (including your VOXtell service address) is sent.






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